In a variety of common gynecological diseases, breast hyperplasia is a more common one, and in recent years, due to the gradual increase in the pressure of life, the incidence of this disorder is still increasing year by year, although we are trying to treat, and now to Let us look at the errors of treatment of female breast hyperplasia. Breast hyperplasia The incidence of this disease is increasing year by year, everyone's attention for this condition is also increasing year by year, then Devena underwear to take everyone to see what we often make mistakes.


Treatment error Misunderstanding: breast hyperplasia will not become cancer

Many people do not know, breast hyperplasia of the disease, if not treated in time, is likely to lead to cancer. Breast hyperplasia as a benign disease, patients do not have to be too nervous, but can not sit back and relax. The cause of breast hyperplasia is not removed, the long-term stimulation of breast ductal and breast epithelium may cause atypical hyperplasia, it will lead to the occurrence of breast cancer. Thus, breast hyperplasia hospital follow-up. After all, breast cancer is a terrible illness now. Everyone should be careful.

Myth # 2: After long-term oral medication can be cured

Mammary gland hyperplasia This condition is not treatable simply by taking medicine. Mammary gland hyperplasia is a chronic, endocrine-related disease or disease process. For hyperplastic mass and pain can be drug treatment. But breast hyperplasia is a cardiogenic disease, many psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and so will cause. Medication alone is useless if you do not remove the psychological effects. So, still need to be formal treatment before they can oh.


Myth # 3: After childbirth or naturally after menopause

In fact, some women after childbirth, breast hyperplasia may not be better. Repeated episodes of breast hyperplasia because treatment is not complete, taking medication inadequate improvement on the withdrawal of milk pain, that delay the treatment of hyperplasia. Pregnancy with breast enlargement, increased hormone levels, breast hyperplasia will increase after weaning but also go through a process of hormone levels, these are in terms of breast lobular and breast duct is an incentive. So after childbirth mammary gland hyperplasia will heal completely is wrong. Therefore, female friends must not have this misunderstanding.

Four errors treatment: Mammography is not the better

In response to this problem, we need to consult an authoritative expert. Breast X-ray examination is the best way to detect early breast cancer, but not necessary in a short time repeated examination, especially in adolescence, breast-feeding during pregnancy lactation X-sensitive, excessive exposure will increase the incidence of breast cancer, it is noteworthy . More than 40 years old generally check once a year. There is no need to run several times a year to do the hospital check it.

Many women friends because of this disease of hyperplasia of mammary glands is not very understanding, resulting in a lot of problems, then after understanding the errors of the treatment of female breast hyperplasia, but also understand that in the future for this situation must pay attention to do Good breast health.

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