The beeswax is natural and has no artificial processing. It has formed in the vicissitudes of the years and has quietly condensed the millennium. Some are transparent, some are silky, have a delicate texture, and are light and light. A large chain of bracelets is in the hands, like plastic, but in color and texture, it is completely different from plastic. This is the beeswax that has swept Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas in the past two years. This trend has come from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now it has penetrated into the mainland, and many men and women are wearing decorations and protecting themselves.

Amber beeswax

Ancient rare treasures have become the best object of collection and preservation!

The wax is very valuable: once it is a non-renewable substance, the more the quantity is mined, the second is to collect the old wax. It is not easy to say that the wax is not much, so the wax was a noble in the old days. Exclusive accessories.

In the world, due to the small amount of natural amber production, it is the best collection of experts, the price is naturally high. Amber is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is most suitable for the Buddha's spiritual repair. At the same time, it has a powerful energy for cultivating evil spirits. Wearing amber ornaments can ward off evil spirits and eliminate strong negative energy. It is the best decoration for people who often go out to keep their safety. Up to now, the only store in China that has experienced a thousand years of style has been designed by the old store Yiguang Fozhu, Yiguang Fozhu opened the brand Yiguang flagship store in Tmall: to make more hobby beads People are convenient to collect and purchase. In the ancient times, the West used it as a prop to remove evil spirits. The honey wax is opaque and has different characteristics from amber. The beeswax is mostly waxy yellow. If it is affected by geothermal heat, it turns reddish orange. It is called old beeswax.

Most of the honey wax is yellow-brown, and the honey wax is affected by the pressure and heat of the formation in the change of the earth's crust. Different minerals infiltrate into different layers to form different color systems: red, green, yellow, blue, black and white. , brown, purple. Green honey wax is rare, its color is between jade and emerald, crystal clear and translucent, people are at first sight, and purple and green honey wax is rare and precious, it is a treasure that can not be bought, no matter what kind The color of the wax, worn by people, will be gorgeous and warm, showing the ancient meaning, pleasing to the eye, and put it down. Honey wax is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, Tantric, Huayan, Fahua and other classics, all wearing the honey to the yellow Buddhas, to show the heart and Buddha. In the Qing Dynasty, the Esoteric Buddhism was used as the state religion. When the emperor sacrificed the land, he was obsessed with the prayers. He also searched for the mass transfer of the wax to Tibet, and made it for the Buddha. Because of the long-term worship of the Buddha, it was heated by the sesame oil and the production was different. Change, some of them emit a ruby-like flash; some of the bright Venus, gorgeous, is rare. The ancient devotees and devotees all said that the Tibetan honey rosary was enshrined in front of the Buddha for a long time, and there was a magical power. The other said that the magnetic field of the honey wax is very strong, so wearing it can protect the body, calm the nerves, calm down, and keep the peace. And have the effect of going to rheumatism and gathering money.

Amber and beeswax are geologically the same thing. The transparent one is called amber, and the opaque one is called beeswax. So the function of honey wax is the same as that of amber. The dense wax wears for a long time. It will slowly turn into a transparent amber. The geological age is generally above 40 to 50 million years. In the Chinese tradition, beeswax is more precious, which is related to China's implicit and intrinsic aesthetics.

Legend has it that there are many beeswax in Tibet, but Tibet does not actually produce beeswax. It was originally produced only in Myanmar, India, and North Korea. The Qing dynasty was the Tantric sect. The emperor imported many beeswax and corals from abroad to support Tibet. Therefore, these things are circulating in Tibet. However, when buying, don't buy these treasures from Tibet. Most of them are fake. The price of genuine products is very high, or they are not willing to shoot. Because the sorghum network has been passed down from generation to generation, it is a sacred object, and it has been used for light. The effect is far above the general beeswax products. The authentic honey wax in the store or in the antique shop is generally sold in grams, which is similar to the price of gold, but the quality is different and the price is very different.

The color of the honey wax is dense and the texture is silky, so the name is honey wax, honey wax and amber are the same. They are all buried in the deep layer of the earth. After tens of millions of years, they are gradually petrified. They are all given by nature. The magical treasures, and the evolution of honey wax is a long time with amber, the so-called millennium amber million years of honey, the ancient officials of the nobles said that honey is a different treasure, life craftsman made jewelry and mascot, wear and play with , Jane and hide it.

The difference between the origins:

First, the Baltic: is the main source now. Its characteristics are soft, brittle, easy to loose, and difficult to process. Therefore, they are all baked. Baking is recognized by the international jewellery industry. The original stone is grilled in the oven for a week, and the color is increased, the hardness is increased, and the engraving and polishing are performed. The honey wax is actually worn for a long time and the color will slowly become deeper.

Second, Iran: Iran's dense wax is the best, but because they are closed, we do not understand the situation there. Most Iranian dense waxes are distributed in Turkey and then sold to Hong Kong before they are transferred to the Mainland. In Iran, the price is very cheap, usually about 5 yuan (1.5cm diameter), and sold to 150-300 yuan in China. Moreover, these types are not ordinary brown or yellow, and are bright and colorful "noble wax", water-distributing wax, silk wax, snow mountain wax, crystal wax and the like. The more expensive one is the snow mountain species. There are yellow, red, pink, blue, green, coffee, cherry red, etc., colorful, very dazzling. Of course, there are many frauds.

Third, Afghanistan: mainly yellow water wax. Generally can buy old, the color is very mellow, very beautiful.

Amber is now mainly produced in the Kaliningrad region of Russia. It is said that most of the world's raw materials (90%) are produced there and can be mined for a hundred years. Overall, Russia's processing is not very good, processing, polishing, and setting work are relatively rough. Polish crafts and Lithuania have different styles, but the styles are different. The best level of production is Latvia. In the last two years, the price of amber raw materials has almost doubled, and the price of finished products has increased by almost 30-50%. Domestic does not recognize amber, the store sells a lot of low-end, high-end stores do have good things, but the price is too far off the mark.

[Features and functions]: Honey wax is amber, but his color is different from that of translucent amber. Because it contains succinic acid, it is opaque, so the merchants call it honey wax, so the function of honey wax is really Like amber, the dense wax wears for a long time. Because of the warmth of the human body, the reduction of succinic acid will gradually become transparent. The ancient amorous man and the devotee said that the Tibetan honey rosary has been subjected to a long time in front of the Buddha, and it contains a magical power of four; Another said that the magnetic field of honey wax is very strong, so wearing it can avoid evil spirits, soothe the nerves, calm down, protect the peace, and have the effect of getting rheumatism and gathering money. Wax is highly valued in Tibetan Buddhism. It is used to make rosary beads and amulets. It has a powerful effect of warding off evil spirits. Yellow beeswax can also promote wealth and wealth, and it is also a precious medicinal material. It is mainly used to treat bone and bone diseases, soothe the nerves, and calm down. Treatment of sore throat and impotence.

Crystallization of the years:

Amber was formed 60 million years ago. It is a resin of prehistoric coniferous plants. It has been buried by geological processes. After a long geological period, the resin loses its volatile components and polymerizes to form amber. Amber is a hydrocarbon containing succinic acid and amber resin. For grease luster, from transparent to translucent, hardness 2-3 specific gravity 1.05-1.10 without cleavage. Amber is an organic gemstone, heated to 150 pickups, that is, softened by more than 300 photographic centimeters. It gives off the smell of rosin.

Amber is divided into Haiper and Mine, and Haiper is most famous for amber produced in the Baltic countries (such as Poland, Russia, Lithuania, etc.). The transparency is high. The texture is crystal. The crystal is excellent. The mine is mainly distributed in Myanmar. Fushun. It is often produced in coal seams and is associated with coal fines. Fushun's amber age is long and the crystal is tough. Especially like ç‘¿ .. Hua Po is a rare variety. In addition, Dominica, Henan, China, Henan has a small number of unique features. Amber is produced.

Eternal eternal

Amber varieties and divisions:

The color of amber varieties varies greatly, and the different colors of amber have different representative meanings, such as "Golden Poetry, blood and evil spirits. Cooper. Honey is a drug, etc." Amber's color is deep and elegant. Simple and subtle. Therefore, in the West there is a "low-key aristocrat" reputation.

Traditionally speaking, transparent is called amber, and opaque amber is called honey. For professional reasons, the yellow is called goldper; the red is called blood, and the blue is called blue. Lanpo; the green system is green stalk; while the normal light is black, and the red light is reflected in the glare. The ancient book contains 瑿 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为Insects, leaves, etc., which are affected by geothermal heat, turn red and orange, and the translucent amber profit remains as golden twisted honey; there are rare white teeth, baby faces and so on.

Buddhist Relics - Amber

As early as in ancient China, the royal lady regarded amber as a good thing, and the newborn can wear it to avoid disasters. A lifetime of peace, new people wear it to keep youth, husband and wife happiness. As one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, amber, more Buddhist believers regard it as auspicious things. In addition to soothe the nature, they can also ward off evil spirits. They can calm and rejuvenate all the year round, soothe the nature, ancient books such as > middle finger martial arts can be safe and filthy. Set the soul to eliminate blood, cure scorpion venom. Stop bleeding and muscle, can Fetal nutrition...

Golden Amber in the North

In ancient Europe, the amber that people called "the gold of the north" was mostly owned by the aristocratic class. It is the representative of the European gem culture. Amber is the birthstone of November. All of them are Leo Cancer. Pisces and Scorpio are suitable for wearing because These constellations are associated with amber.

Pharmacological legend amber

As early as in ancient Rome, amber was used as a medicinal material to treat various diseases. After amber research into Chinese medicine, it is called "golden soil" to calm the nerves, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Amber can treat or alleviate many diseases. And painful dreams: such as headache and sore throat, should wear an amber necklace on the neck; wrist joint pain, can wear an amber bracelet. If you feel tired, you need to wear a larger amber.

The true and false of amber:

1. Specific gravity test: The density of amber is between 1.05-1.10. So in the salt water of 1:4, the authentic product will float, and the product will sink.

Two: needle burning test: the needle is heated to red, hot on the amber skin, there will be loose fragrance, black, plastic products will be partially melted and stick to the needle.

Three: ether test, you can use nail polish to remove the surface of the water, oil, amber will not have any reaction, and Coba resin will corrode.

Four: Sound test: Amber beads without inlays are gently swayed in the hands, which will give a very soft and slightly dull sound. If the sound of plastic or resin is relatively crisp.

The best of amber:

1. Amber is the only gem in the world that preserves the creatures and remains intact for thousands of years.

2. The lightest gemstone of the known gemstones.

3. The oldest gem, (Amber is known regardless of country. No culture. No region. Gemstones that have been popular for 7000 years).

4. The most colorful but most neutral gemstone. (Amber is a gem that can be worn regardless of age and gender.)

5. Amber is a gem of any religion. (eg Buddhism, Islam, Christianity...)

Maintenance of amber:

1. Do not place the honey wax in a place exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight. It is too dry and prone to cracks, especially the open flame.

2. Honey wax is an organic gemstone, so it is necessary to avoid contact with alkaline substances, gasoline, kerosene and alcohol-containing cosmetics, nail polish, perfume and other organic solutions to prevent the surface of the amber from being damaged and tarnished. Do not use chemistry. Ingredients cleansing agent, away from strong acid and alkali;

3 The hardness of the wax is not high, so be careful to store it. Do not drop it to avoid being scratched by sharp objects or hard objects.

4. Honey jewellery should be sealed with sealed jewellery box or sealed bag. Do not put it together with other jewellery to avoid long-term exposure to humid air or strong light to prevent silver oxidation and amber tarnishing.

5. Honey wax and pearls and corals belong to the same kind of organic gemstones. Volatile and corrosive substances are not good for them. After wearing, you can use a damp cloth to gently test. For sticky amber, it should be washed with warm water and then dried with a soft cloth. Water stains, and finally lightly test the surface with a small amount of pure olive oil or BB oil to restore the luster;

General jewelry cleaning solution is not suitable for honey wax

Synthetic beeswax. Also called regenerating beeswax. Purifying beeswax. Also known as "aristocratic beeswax" is produced in Iran, Afghanistan, etc. in Central Asia. It has been played for several years. The south is popular. .... at first I felt that the synthesis didn’t make much sense. But after I understood it, I still spent thousands of things to buy and keep playing. In fact, this thing is equivalent to the glass of the Qing Dynasty in China. It is also synthetic...has Local cultural color...

Recycled beeswax is basically divided into four varieties: water wax, crystal wax, snow mountain wax, and silk wax.

The original beeswax is mostly yellow. The regenerated beeswax is synthesized because of its color...

The so-called synthetic amber beeswax is different from those of the aristocratic beeswax. The ingredients in it are all natural amber, but unlike the natural amber beeswax, the synthetic amber beeswax is made from natural amber honey. Wax scraps or powders are concentrated together, heated in a vacuum at 200 ° C - 250 ° C, melted, cooled and fused together. The density of the wax is the same as that of pure natural materials. Synthetic pressed inside has elongated or flat bubbles, and the flow structure is what we usually call "regular and regular". Under the magnifying glass, we can see the turbid granular structure. Because of the synthetic amber beeswax The choice of small natural amber beeswax is made of powder or powder, so the cost is of course much cheaper than the direct grinding of natural raw materials.

So everyone can brighten their eyes before buying!

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