After the winter solstice, the weather seems to be really getting colder, where the Xiaobian where the minimum temperature is zero below, and the white temperature is not more than seven or eight degrees, frozen hands and feet of the girls can wear well Cold frostbite clothes house struck Oh. I do not know if anyone and Xiao Bian, the winter is always do not like to wear down jacket, down jackets still feel chubby, so I like to choose coat plus Scarf to resist the cold weather, so not only does not show the flesh of the same time Can be more portable. CARRY ME fashion women's brand , located in the 18 to 28 year-old young and energetic women, product design integration of the four major international fashion show the latest trendsetting elements, flawless details of the pursuit and the positive single room with the effect of the design style of fashion , Concise, fashion, personality-based tune, the popular style of the most vivid expression Joker. In this winter is also suitable for the introduction of the coat to both the temperature but also the grace of the girls to resolve troubles, Xiaobian today recommended two of them.


Love shopping mall girls should have found this year's women have been detached from the dull colors of the past, fluorescent green, rose red, mustard yellow, gem blue are the popular colors this year, in addition Macaron color is even more with Stayed in the popular and more popular. CARRY ME This Macaron blue wool coat, round neck design with double breasted, silver hem stitching, handsome shoulder-length highlight personality, with burgundy leggings, modern elegant filling. The right is more of this luxury and princess Fan, high-end fur collar with shiny diamonds, chest pocket design to break a single multi-breasted black silk satin bow immediately Meng Meng.


The material of the coarse wool woolen and the knitting of the thick needle wool are the most popular items for the girls in the cold winter. Only suitable materials for cold genius not only can change many different shapes, Single product. CARRY ME women's fashion coat of this thick coat, handsome small stand-collar to enhance the spirit of the goddess, stained wool cuff stitching blue cuffs, a variety of mix and match feeling, a buckle design refreshing fashion, false chest chest let Modeling more attractive, take the lace bottoming shirt and washable bottomed skirt was significantly thin, burgundy patent leather high heels retro fashion, OL OL family is definitely a good ICON.

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