Manual cleaning to choose a good cleaning materials. Materials must meet the following conditions: â‘  can quickly remove all kinds of dirt; â‘¡ do not damage the leather; â‘¢ post-processing process does not cause any adverse effects. Manual cleaning is the first leather detergent and water dilution, and then transferred to a hot solution of about 50 degrees, with a towel dipped in detergent directly on the leather surface dirt, back and forth to wipe back in order to dissolve the dirt adsorption in the wet towel After checking to confirm the dirt to the net, and then use 30 to 40 degrees water wipe clean it again, and then dried or dried. Note: (1) Do not let the leather too much water, because excessive water will cause skin fibers and coating swelling, weaken the coating and leather adhesion. (2) No matter whether the dirt on the skin is removed clean or not, neither the skinned fibers nor the surface primary coating should be damaged. (3) To solve specific problems, do not be stereotyped, especially to stain when, must be done in the unimportant place before the first test. (4) The operation should be careful to prevent some of the cleaning agent with the skin caused by chemical changes, to prevent skin deterioration and black may. In manual cleaning, pay special attention to tannin tannin stupid amine leather, foam leather and so on. (5) some natural sense of the strong full grain, advanced imported leather prudent detergent, but should not force scrub. (6) In general, high-grade leather goods, the collar or the mouth there are obvious signs within the specified, pay attention to those matters.

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