Can electric blankets generally last for several years?

Xiaohan has just passed, the air is more and more full of chill. With the coming of deep winter, all kinds of heating products with fast heating and warmth are favored by the public, especially electric blankets, hand warmers and electric heaters.

You can use these heating products in the cold winter. You may know that electric blankets are a good tool for heating. Most pregnant women should not use them. In addition, electric blankets have a period of use, so electric blankets can generally How many years?

Can electric blankets generally last for several years?

According to reports, the life of electric blankets is generally only 5 to 6 years, beyond this period, there is likely to be a safety hazard. What is very worrying is that few consumers pay attention to the service life of electric blankets, and more attention is paid to the price of electric heating.

In fact, electric blankets not only have years of use, but different brands have different ages, but most of them are 5 to 6 years. When consumers buy an electric blanket, the attached instruction manual will indicate “The safe use period of this electric blanket series is five years, please do not continue to use after the trial period expires” and other related words.

Although some brands of electric blankets have a slightly longer period of use, because the use of electric blankets is simpler, many consumers have not read the habit of using instructions carefully, leading to the neglect of this important detail. And improper use will reduce the service life of the electric blanket, so the consumer's electric blanket will be replaced in a timely manner after several years of use, even if it is not broken.

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