Bleak winter, I love a "color"! Masfer SU winter coat, rich pure color rushed out of the dull winter, wanton bloom my gesture. Let your winter this year is definitely not the same, take a look at it.

玛丝菲尔 - Marisfrolg

MISS SU campus time, fell in love with temperament ladies. Blue-green British jacket, double-breasted full of strong academic atmosphere, the same color with different materials of green thread design, dazzling small details unique.

Masfer SU冬装新款大衣 混搭女王爱出“色”

Fluorescent new green cocoon-shaped coat, a sense of space, inclusive sense of full, baroque style scarf add rich color. This winter, with the MISS SU feel the colorful energy of nature!

Masfer SU冬装新款大衣 混搭女王爱出“色”

MASFER.SU light punk motorcycle jacket, discard the commonly used black, dark green more calm and delicate, and take the new green and dark green pleated skirt echoed. Rush, true style.

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