New fiber will remain the protagonist of cotton textile enterprises With the rapid growth of labor costs, the growing cost of cotton, cotton products more and more expensive, coupled with the state's current cotton control policies, so that the development of cotton spinning space is increasingly limited. Regardless of the mode of development chosen, it can be confirmed that cotton textile companies have reached a consensus in the future direction of development, and actively seek for transformation and upgrading, and strive to seek differentiated development is the fundamental way out.

However, the differentiated development of enterprises should not be limited to the application of new fibers. Technology improvement, equipment renewal, product quality improvement, or focus on continuous improvement in a certain area are all areas in which cotton textile enterprises can achieve differentiated development. According to industry insiders, taking the road of differentiation does not mean that a new product is enough, but it is multifaceted. Such as the application of new fiber to achieve the blending of cotton and chemical fiber, through the new equipment, process improvements to achieve low-carbon production, cost savings. For enterprises, "all-in-one" is the right medicine to achieve differentiated development.

The new spinning technology expands the market The spinning technology is developing rapidly. Among them, rotor spinning has become the main force in the new spinning technology with its own advantages. Rotor spinning has made great progress in terms of high-speed, joint automation, multi-spindles, variety of suitable spinning varieties, automatic monitoring and control of spinning quality, and stability and reliability of equipment. Compact spinning is an "improved version" of ring spinning. The advantages of hairiness, glossiness, strength, abrasion resistance, anti-pilling and pilling, yarn quality, and production cost make compact spinning yarns have the characteristics of high-end products, and gradually replace ordinary ring spinning. More and more people are recognized by the industry. At present, China's compact spinning penetration rate is only about 8%, while India has reached 30%. Compact spinning in China still has a lot of room for development. Vortex spinning has the characteristics of high speed, large package, simplified process, labor saving and wide adaptability. Compared with traditional ring spinning, Vortex spinning can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the workshop work environment, and greatly increase labor productivity. , And vortex spinning technology without atmospheric and water pollution, environmental protection is very high.

The emergence of these new spinning methods and technologies has broken through the mechanism of yarn formation in traditional spinning, making it possible to increase the speed of spinning and increase the volume of packages. This has led to a significant increase in labor productivity and, at the same time, to cotton textile companies. To achieve differentiated development provides favorable conditions. The combination of new fiber and new spinning technology can make the difference in the development of enterprises even more powerful.

Dezhou Huayuan Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. can be said to combine the new spinning technology with new fibers. Huayuan not only benefited from the wide application of new raw materials in product innovation, but also benefited from ordinary ring spinning, compact spinning, siro spinning, Siro compact spinning, vortex spinning, eddy core-spun yarn, bamboo There are various modern spinning technologies such as yarn-spun yarns and the use of various process technologies such as Jinmian spinning technology independently developed by Huayuan Company, Jin comb spinning technology and Jinrong spinning technology. The use of high-end equipment not only ensures a stable yarn quality, but also plays a significant role in reducing labor and improving product quality.

New fiber is still the protagonist For production-oriented enterprises, all technological improvements and equipment updates are all for product production. The application of various new spinning technologies has the ultimate goal of making products better. Therefore, the application of new fibers is still a key step for enterprises to achieve differentiated development. With the development of the textile industry and product upgrading, a variety of new fibers and functional fibers have been widely used in the textile field. This has also led to the diversification of textiles from the traditional simplification of the past. In addition, with the accumulation of experience and technological breakthroughs, the mutual combination of various fibers, the use of mashups can optimize the industrial structure.

"Technology, Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Function" is the product positioning of Texas Huayuan Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. The company focuses its production on high value-added products. The company's current production of fiber types covers more than 500 types of fibers, including plant fibers, animal fibers, synthetic fibers, and inorganic fibers. Using these fibers, the company produces pure, blended yarns including single-component pure spinning, multi-component blending and semi-worsted spinning. The company has produced 12 series 6000 using modal, Tencel, bamboo fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber, moisture wicking fiber, cashmere, wool, milk protein fiber, soybean fiber, corn fiber, aramid fiber, industrial fiber, natural organic cotton and other fibers. Multiple varieties. Zhang Lanfeng, general manager of the company, said that the reason why companies use so many fibers is to allow companies to continuously develop new varieties and constantly optimize their product mix. He said that taking the differentiated development road is a process of continuous deepening, continuous improvement, and constant innovation. Enterprises do not satisfy current “differences” and focus more on the “differences” in the future, so that the company is always ahead of others.

At present, China’s non-cottonized textiles have a clear trend. In the future, new types of fiber yarns that are functional, differentiated, and comfortable and environmentally friendly will be the main direction, and new types of fibers will be widely used for pure spinning and blending, giving full play to new types of textiles. The characteristics of the fiber are used to achieve each other's advantages and improve the performance of the fabric. The application field of the new fiber yarn is maximized.

Hongyang Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a leader in Zhejiang Rotary Spinning Company. Raw material resources of Rotor Spinning are very rich. Waste from reeling mills, fine settling from wool reels, short wool from shorts from wool strips, and fines from ramie spinning mills. Ma, sub-rabbit and cotton-type chemical fiber can all be used as raw materials. Rotor spinning has good adaptability to these raw materials with different lengths and impurities. Rotor spinning is suitable for the production of coarse yarns, and the yarn number of carded yarns and ramie yarns is just suitable for the range of coarse yarns for rotor spinning, and the thicker the number, the higher the yield and the greater the economic benefits. Dong Guandong, a member of Acer Group, said that rotor spinning is a good choice for companies to achieve differentiated development.

Focus on the achievements of professional companies in the ever-changing modern spinning field, companies want to gain market recognition in various ways. However, some companies only focus on certain aspects of continuous breakthroughs to form their own characteristics, and thus gain industry recognition. Professionals in the industry have stated that this is a complementary relationship. If the company is doing exceptionally well in a certain area and continues to improve, the corresponding other aspects will naturally increase accordingly.

Dezhou Huayuan Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. can be said to have become synonymous with "differentiated fiber." As long as we mention Texas Huayuan Textile, people can always think of it as a company that makes differentiated fiber products. Huayuan's concept of “specializing in new products and not making ordinary products” relies on the development concept of new equipment, application of new technology, and scientific use of various fiber spinning yarns. The current proportion of new products reaches 100%, and the product quality is To achieve the superior level of corporate internal control indicators.

Another enterprise with distinctive characteristics must be a textile mill in Wuxi, and its 20 thousand indus- tory workers has become the catch-up target of all spinning mills. According to reports, the Wuxi-Yangtze Yangtze River Precision Spinning Workshop has 135,000 spindles and has a capacity of about 270 people. The average number of 10,000 spindles is about 20 workers, making it the smallest workshop in Wuxi for cotton. According to the person in charge of Wuxi First Cotton, the company's Yangtze River Precision Spinning Workshop introduced advanced imported equipment in important processes. The device uses a large number of sensors to improve the information and automation of the equipment. Automated operations have expanded workers' access to the countertops, and large packages have reduced the frequency of day-to-day work for workers, thus reducing labor. Wuxi No.1 Cotton always devotes itself to the technological innovation of the equipment. As long as the equipment can do it, it will not let workers bear it.

At present, in the period of China’s economic transformation that transforms growth patterns and achieves sustainable development, the era of low-cost cheap labor is gone forever. How to achieve differentiated development and how to develop a characteristic road that belongs to one's own enterprise is at this critical period. Worth pondering questions. "All-in-one" is certainly an effective way for companies to achieve differentiation, but "more than one" is also a good approach.

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