Recently, nearly 100 pieces of jade articles by Chinese-American collector Guo Shaoyong appeared at the Guangzhou Lingnan Club. Among them, there are many masterpieces of Chinese jade carving masters Wu Desheng, Jiang Chunyuan, Gu Yongjun, etc. The largest seed material works nearly ten kilograms, the texture is gentle and restrained, and the carving is exquisite and delicate. As a jade idiot, Guo Shaoyong said that this is a summary and demonstration of his ten years of grinding a sword, hoping to let more people feel the beauty of jade and the virtue of jade.

Hetian jade

Ten years ago, began collecting jade

Speaking of the fate of Hetian jade, Guo Shaoyong, born in the village of Taiwan, said that Taiwan pays special attention to traditional cultural education, emphasizing Wen, Liang, Gong, Yi, and Jean, and using Confucianism as the foundation of the people. He knew from a very young age that "the gentleman is Jade Bide", and jade is closely related to Confucianism, so he is full of jade. After growing up, the ancient jade articles of the National Palace Museum in Taipei brought a strong spiritual shock to Guo Shaoyong. At that time, he went around and always bought small crafts and small souvenirs. The ancients cloud "Mei Shi Yu Yu", although these things are only stones, not real jade, Guo Shaoyong still likes it.

Later, Guo Shaoyong went to the mainland to set up a factory to do export business. He was very busy every day and had no interest in personal life. Until a decade ago, he began to transform his life track, and finally had more time to make friends, to touch new things, and art has since entered his life. At first, paintings, ceramics, wood carvings and jade articles, Guo Shaoyong tried to collect a little. After more than a year of "run-in", Guo Shaoyong found that his favorite is jade, especially Hetian jade. "Hetian jade is restrained, subtle and pure, and is similar to my personality. It is also the most closely integrated with traditional Chinese culture. The jade is bright and bright, and looks more masculine and not suitable for me." Guo Shaoyong said with a smile that he is not so individual.

Buying contemporary works is more assured

In the process of collecting Hetian jade, Guo Shaoyong also went through some detours and paid a lot of tuition fees. He said that most of the works on display were made by the masters of the country, and there was actually a pile of rubbish in their own home. "My luck is not bad. I have known a jade merchant through my friends very early. I showed him through him. I taught me how to distinguish between good and bad. I taught me how to consider the price/performance ratio. I slowly touched the right path of jade. For example, Qinghai material and Russian material are thieves, and the texture inside is different from the real material. In terms of skin color, there are more fakes now, but one thing is that if the skin is thick enough, it is not easy to be fake. Because the counterfeiters can't afford that time and energy to do it. So, Guo Shaoyong believes that on the collection road, we must choose the guides to avoid too many roads. Guo Shaoyong also tried to buy ancient jade. After planting it twice, he would not dare to enter again. Buying contemporary works, you can see the origins and sources, and your heart is more bottomed. Now, he has become friends with many national masters, so the work he got is more reassuring.

In Guo Shaoyong's view, many people play collections, all of which are for investment purposes, and they are more eager for quick success. And because of his interest in collecting, because of the collection and the body and mind, so he now considers more how to share with you, how to better promote the jade culture.

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