Sapphire is the crystallization of pure love. New people wearing sapphire rings will have long-lasting love and sweet marriage. Many newcomers will buy their own sapphire ring to protect their happiness. So how do you buy a sapphire ring?

Sapphire ring

First of all, lovers must go to buy their own sapphire ring, follow the advice of the other side, choose the sapphire ring style that both sides like. When distinguishing the color of sapphire, it is necessary to distinguish it with the naked eye under white light, so that the appearance of the sapphire ring can be easily distinguished.

Then, when buying a sapphire ring, pay attention to whether there are cracks or other flaws on the sapphire. Generally speaking, the larger sapphire is not a real sapphire, and may be a fake. When new people buy sapphire, be careful not to be deceived.

Second, the sapphire ring is perfect for wearing when working. Men's classes choose a dark blue sapphire ring, while women can choose a lighter sapphire ring. Sapphire rings will have a certain degree of ribbon and color unevenness to some extent. Do not buy sapphire with too much dichroism when purchasing.

Again, in general, the sapphire counterfeit is glass and synthetic sapphire. There are bubbles inside the glass, visible under 10 times the magnifying glass, and the sapphire ring is free of bubbles. Friends can easily judge this way. Synthetic sapphires are often too clean, while natural sapphires are basically dichroic, so pure sapphire rings are not really sapphire rings.

Finally, buy a sapphire ring, if it is a particularly expensive sapphire ring, it is best to ask for a certificate of authentication, which is the practice of the international jewelry industry.

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