Poetic women original designer brand OMNIALUO Ophellan will participate in the thirteenth China (Shenzhen) International Trade Fair brand, Opal slaves for five years in a row Shenzhen Trade Fair, the first time this year will be the perfect interpretation of "art through time and space, presented for everyone A wonderful fashion festival. The exhibition hall with a very cross-border art supernatural and modern fashion design, combined with "poetic, romantic, fashion," the brand connotation, show Opal Lanu different romantic elegance of women's fashion style.


Opallan 13 autumn and winter new presents Baroque romantic modern, clean the atmosphere of the three-dimensional lines cut, multi-element splicing, retro and elegant original printing and luxury palace style of the Middle Ages, so Oublanlan autumn and winter fashion flavor ready to come.

深圳服装展 OMNIALUO欧柏兰奴完美演绎“穿越时空的艺术”

Opralia Shenzhen Fashion Show to show us a blue and white effect, elegant clothing business, dotted blue and white, retro palace-style dress, the medieval court of the perfect interpretation of the wind.

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