Process Lighting Pursuit of Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Easy Management With the development of decoration and decoration industry, people pay attention to the arrangement of the family from the traditional hard-installed gradually to soft installation, and process lighting has become the key to soft decoration.

With the continuous advancement of modern lighting technology, the extensive use of new materials, new processes, and new technologies, as well as the in-depth study of various lighting principles and their use environments, has broken through the traditional concept of simple lighting and lighting environments. It enriches the expressiveness and beautification of modern lighting fixtures and craft lighting to the lighting environment. Using computer-aided design, through the lighting site brightness, light distribution curve requirements, lighting functions, structural design, so that the lamps meet the practical needs and to maximize the efficacy of the light source under the premise of paying more attention to the aesthetic appearance of the decorative appearance of the lamp Craft lighting is more rich in style, more personalized decorative effects, energy saving and efficient is the mainstream.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, easy to take care of trends

It is understood that the lighting technology sold in the market is more and more energy saving. Many process lighting uses LED lights, energy-saving effect is good, lighting intensity is not bad, has been favored by many consumers. "The LED lamp has a long service life, is not easily damaged and energy-saving, and 1 to 3 watts can satisfy the lighting of a room," said the person in charge of an lighting shop.

Many crafts are beautiful and stylish, but when it comes to cleaning, many people are still discouraged. Ms. Wang took a chandelier with fancy lamp holders in the eyes of the public. The styling was beautiful, the curved branches and leaves, and the delicate flower heads made her unable to put it down. But when she talked about cleaning afterwards, she was a little worried.

In the interview we learned that the current development trend of process lighting is easy to manage. In the market, decorative lighting is not enough for decoration, but it also needs easy care. For some process lighting with complex structures and special materials, some process lighting stores provide free scrubbing work. In addition, the choice of process lighting should also be suitable for users. Such as a simple, easy-to-care, safe light, suitable for the elderly and children.

    Accumulators usually are installed in hydraulic systems to store energy and to smooth out pulsations. Typically, a hydraulic system with an Accumulator can use a smaller pump because The Accumulator stores energy from the pump during periods of low demand. This energy is available for instantaneous use, released upon demand at a rate many times greater than what could be supplied by the pump alone.

    Accumulators also can act as surge or pulsation absorbers, much as an air dome is used on pulsating piston or rotary pumps. Accumulators will cushion hydraulic hammer, reducing shocks caused by rapid operation or sudden starting and stopping of power cylinders in a hydraulic circuit.
    There are four principal types of accumulators: the weight-loaded piston type, diaphragm (or bladder) type, spring type, and the hydro-pneumatic piston type. The weight-loaded type was the first used, but is much larger and heavier for its capacity than the modern piston and bladder types. Both weighted and spring types are infrequently found today. Hydro-pneumatic accumulators.

High Temperature Resistance Accumulator Bladder

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