Babymary with intellectual women as the core user, is the designer Mr. Juge founded in 2003, from the business, social, leisure and three aspects to create a colorful three-dimensional modern women's life, the wife of the Hong Kong Mary named brand, full of creativity And passion, in the summer of 2013 burst models in the fresh, playful, full of vitality.

宝贝玛丽 - BABY MARY

Green dress with green small suit, red and white print fresh and vibrant, neatly cut a buckle suit just can be placed in the air-conditioned room heating, with taro color pantyhose and metallic high heels, is a symbol of personalized dress, walking in the Sucking on the street

Babymary女装2013夏季活力装束 青春无极限

A touch of soft pink serene sweet, full of sweet girl atmosphere, snow tooth color loose pullover with pale pink package hip dress + color stockings + orange glossy high heels, a mix and match, do not need eye-catching colors, do not need personality The design, fresh and sweet to send pie, tide out of color.

This kind of environmental PVC sheet mat is our top rank PVC mat, We costed about 3 years to do experiments,and invest a lot of funds on it, finnally we make it tightness, stable quality, green and healthy product. It sells well in many different countries in the world.High quality PVC COIL MAT has a good performance on waterproof,antislip and it is easy to clean. We use high quality PVC material to produce our products and our products are in high quality, soft,and durable in all seasons.If you feel our products is pretty good,i think we can work together with eath other in this field.
We also have many kinds of PVC floor MATS, such as Welcome floor MATS, B beginning floor MATS, embossed floor MATS, parquet and so on.We can customize the weight, size and pattern of floor MATS according to your requirements.So please don't worry, if you have any need, please inform us directly.Good quality, fair price, welcome to consult
This mat is PVC sheet mat,Its surface with many pattern, simple, atmospheric, classical.The soft surface makes your feet feel comfortable when you step on it.At the same time, the silk ring design can dust, waterproof.
Floor mat has a lot of kinds, color, design, style is different, can undertake choosing according to your individual be fond of, rise to decorate the effect of the house

PVC Sheet Mat With Other Pattern

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