Qingdao imported clothing label failed The latest data released by the Qingdao Inspection and Quarantine Bureau pointed out that in the first half of this year, the Bureau had accepted 13 importers, 11 batches of imported clothes had no Chinese labels, and the actual fiber content of the 2 batches of goods did not match the label. These unqualified products mainly came from South Korea. Vietnam.

After analysis, imported garments are mostly purchased in foreign markets. Distributors do not understand the national standards of our country and result in the purchase of unqualified labels. In this regard, the Qingdao Bureau has conducted investigations and inquiries about relevant companies and urged improvement.

According to relevant persons in the inspection and quarantine department, dealers engaged in imported garments should be familiar with the provisions of GB5296.4 on clothing in China, namely to specify the product name, product type and specification, the composition and content of raw materials, washing method, and product Security technology category and other content. The type and specification of the product, the composition and content of the raw materials used, and the washing method must be durable labels.

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