Ben Wang July 16th, into the summer, the stars of the clothing is also more and more gorgeous and changeable! But even if it is painstakingly dressed, but also often can not escape the fate of Zhuangshan Oh! The following Xiao Bian take everyone comments on the recent Star crush the shirt to see if there is any water in your heart!

This Givenchy wave point suit suit was passed through two days later, Na Ying's mix of rules, shiny medium distribution, to change the short self-cultivation coat, so that the entire suit of the line looks more fit, bling bling is also a high heel Great highlights; but Jun Ji-hyun is more casual, choose to roll up shirt sleeves, put the coat on his shoulders, but the fluorescent green nail polish is really not very harmonious!

The same paragraph of low-cut long-sleeved dress of different colors, worn on two fashion icons also have unparalleled body conditions, the young and beautiful Miranda looks more attractive sexy.

Amy Rosen's "low-key" golden accessories look high, straight hair fall graceful and modern, winding sandals is hot this year. Catherine McPhee adds “vision weight” with thick bracelets, and curly and silver strappy sandals look warm.

“Nerona is a dad” chooses to directly debut this sweater, casual and generous, while Pucan Lie added a shirt in it, more college style.

The elegant atmosphere of the square-faced beauty Olivia Wilde is commensurate with suit suits, and oversized accessories highlight skill. This suit does not seem to be suitable for Qin Hao, the length of the pants dragging mud, the clothes seem to be bigger. The SiStar member Paula's blonde shines too much, posing Pose concave shape, but also difficult to support handsome cloak-style suits!

The same is a fresh and full of printed sheds. Emmy uses Mori's full-featured white flats and shoulder bag to create the image of the next-door girl. Sarah's pair of pointed high heels and DIOR handbags are full of gas.

Little Witch is best at driving black and white dresses, gold earrings and red lips Chic full, properly high sense. The sexy Iraqi rare to take the handsome line, fine sandals light and wild, but the necklace is a little too "eye-catching."

Yang Qian with a large hand bag? Mystery player Yuan Yuanmei 8.A Swiftly Spring??竦琢剐?蚕?糜?糜??????(18) 钆月 钆 钆 鹄 鹄 鹄 逍潞 逍潞 逍潞Tuo Rebel cattle? Huang Fei 矸 (6)?

On the one hand is a mature sexy Oriental beauty, on the other side is a young and lovely little girl, Shu Qi charm full wave of curly hair with nude color pointed heels than Kellogg's T word sandals more stylish and elegant.

The two men chose Valentino's printed suit at the same time. It was a handsome and charming sun. It was really hard to choose!

As the first secret angel, the 46-year-old Stephanie is still alive, and the sexy woman who wears embroidery is really "I'm sorry to see you." The 28-year-old beautiful girl Amy Rosen chose pink satin high heels, echoing the tone of the embroidery dress, sweet and romantic, and her temperament is very consistent. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: IGG snow boots Grace)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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