[China Glass Net] In daily driving, our car will inevitably be encountered, and hard objects like pebbles will fly to the front of the vehicle, and then the sunken body will be damaged or the glass will be damaged. An upset thing. In order to ensure safe driving, facing the damaged glass, I believe many car owners will choose to replace. However, the low replacement cost of tens of thousands of dollars is really a headache. Then glass repair is offered as a solution to everyone's choice. What is the effect? Is it an alternative to replacing glass? Today, let's experience it together and the answer will be revealed.

●What is glass repair?

The glass repair can be simply understood as a method of repairing the glass by filling the resin with the concave block and the crack after the glass is hit by the hard object to cause damage, similar to the current form of the resin filling.

●What is the scope of application of glass repair in automobiles?

Currently, the glass used in automobiles is generally laminated glass and tempered glass. The laminated glass is made of two layers of glass with a gel-like film in the middle to ensure that it will not completely crack, fall off and collapse after being damaged by the impact of the object, ensuring personnel safety. The tempered glass will quickly diffuse into numerous small particles and even fall off after being damaged, so it cannot be repaired. Therefore, the glass repair is mainly applied to the repair of the front windshield (laminated glass) of the automobile.

● What kind of damage is suitable for glass repair?

In general, glass damage comes from the impact of pebbles at high speeds. After the impact, the position where the pebbles are in contact with the glass will cause the glass to form a small concave block due to the impact. The eyes will generally look like a small dot with cracks appearing around it. At this point, it is necessary to take corresponding measures as soon as possible to prevent the danger of crack expansion. If the diameter of the damaged dot is within 100px or there is only one crack and no more than 375px, the glass can be repaired, and it is better to replace the whole glass beyond this range. Of course, whether it can be repaired or not, please ask a professional glass repair master to judge according to the actual situation.

●How to choose glass repair and replacement glass?

Judging whether the glass can be repaired is not too big a pit after the front windshield of the car is damaged. The owner often tangles whether to replace the glass or repair it. First of all, the owner of the car needs to ask the professional glass repair master to check whether the damaged glass is serious and whether it can be repaired. If not, please change the glass honestly. If you can fix it, please continue to look down, we will be divided into several cases for analysis.

1. Front windshield film, purchase insurance (according to film film cost, judge whether it is suitable)

If the owner is in this situation, it needs to be estimated based on the cost of the film attached to the front windshield. Because even if the insurance company will bear the cost of replacing the front windshield, it will not compensate the cost of the film, so the owner needs to judge. If the price of the film is not high, you can report the replacement glass. If the value of the film is high, then you can consider choosing to repair the glass. It should be noted that in most cases, whether the 4S shop or the repair shop replaces the glass, it is impossible to reach the original level. In terms of air tightness, etc., it is more or less lacking.

2. Front windshield film, no corresponding insurance (suitable for glass repair)

Under normal circumstances, the price of the front windshield is higher than that of the film, and the insurance cannot be reimbursed without purchasing the insurance. The replacement of the glass not only costs the replacement but also the cost of the film. In this case, the relative choice of glass repair is one way to reduce the loss to a lower level.

3. The front windshield has no film, and the corresponding insurance is purchased (not suitable for glass repair)

If the repair is in the 4S shop, it is relatively more appropriate to choose to replace the glass. The professional 4S shop has certain guarantees in technology, and if there are problems in the future, there are corresponding rules and regulations to deal with it, which makes people feel more at ease.

4. Front windshield without film, no corresponding insurance (suitable for glass repair)

In this case, the choice of glass repair is relatively suitable. The lower repair cost, but also the purpose of repair, as long as you can find a technically qualified repair shop, why not?


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