Three or five years ago, many people only regarded lapis lazuli as an ancient jade. They only saw this gems on the top of the ancient bureaucratic royal family. They felt that they were the symbol of male status, so they always called It is the "Emperor Stone".

However, two or three years ago, the turquoise of one of the four famous Chinese jade in ancient times was quietly popular, and the lapis lazuli could no longer sit still.


Only this time, its popularity is not limited to the men's collections to play, women are also very beautiful for the beauty, they have tamed this ancient domineering jade variety into their neck wrists and even the fingertips of the pets. Make yourself temperament and beauty.

Hue like the sky

——The glory of the lapis lazuli

Because the lapis lazuli "hue is like the sky", it was the royal emperor's product, whether it was the pilgrimage or the pilgrimage, so the ancient lapis lazuli in ancient China was a symbol of the majesty of heaven. In the pre-Ancient dynasty ruins of the ancient Egypt three or four thousand BC, jewels made of lapis lazuli were also discovered, showing the long history of human wearing lapis lazuli.

Since 2012, the increase of lapis lazuli has increased every year and multiples. The quality is good or even ten times the price increase is not excessive. In recent years, in addition to the traditional jade such as jade and jade, the price of the ancient jade market has soared.


Of course, thanks to the women, after all, the jade stone was developed as a variety of women's jewelry is far from satisfying them. The lapis lazuli, which is famous for its color, is qualified for this role.

High-quality lapis lazuli as a brooch, earrings, rings and other fine jewelry is as beautiful as it is when it is made into beads and bracelets. Even with sapphire and tanzanite, it is a woman who decorates herself with gorgeous blue. More noble weapon.

Rare gold is rare to raise prices at any time

——The rising price of lapis lazuli is still due to the reduction of rough stones.

1 Domestic consumer groups are growing in demand. As mentioned before, domestic women are increasingly discovering different gemstones as their own jewelry, and feel that this beautiful jade is a good thing with ancient and modern styles. More and more will be jade and gemstones or A combination of modern jewellery techniques to dress up.

The consumption power of China, a populous country, was initially added. The amazing purchasing power also determined that the price of lapis lazuli, which is a scarce resource, soared.


2 Raw ore mining is restricted. Lapis lazuli is a stone with a long history. It has been mined and used by some Central Asian countries as early as five or six thousand years ago. Similar to the situation of jade and jade, the old mines with good quality have been basically mined. After all, the new mine was restricted from mining due to the local government protection of the mine.

The amount of mining has plummeted, and the amount of world possession has become less and more precious.

3 The export volume has been reduced. Sister Bao is here a little gossip. Lapis Lazuli is the "national stone" of Afghanistan. During the war in Afghanistan, the regional government has no time to take into account the mining of these gemstone deposits. In recent years, the situation in Afghanistan has stabilized slightly and the regional government has begun to supervise the mining of gemstones. And export.


As a non-renewable resource and a reduction in the amount of lapis lazuli, it has become a key protection target for the regional government. The reduction in export volume and the increase in demand have made it necessary to increase the price of lapis lazuli.

Three principles of lapis lazuli

Principle 1 "Hue is like the sky": lapis lazuli with a blue color and no impurities should be selected;

Principle 2 "rich gold shavings": lapis lazuli with natural gold points is of higher value;

Principle 3 "If the stars are beautiful in the sky": If the gold dots on the lapis lazuli are irregularly distributed like the stars in the sky, it means that the quality is very good.


History + culture = charm

——Lapis lazuli can give women a charm

In history, lapis lazuli is the "imperial stone" that the royal family likes. Various cultural celebrities also favor it because of its unique "beauty".


The lapis lazuli presents different degrees of black, gold stars and white stripes due to the inclusion of pyrite, calcite and other substances. These colors are perfectly combined with the cloisonne-like cyan color. The blue is agile and bright, and it is gorgeous. The classical gorgeous can not be said, the source shows the elegant elegance and gentleness of women.

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