AIVEI combines Italian fashion design groups to create a fashion brand that is in sync with the world's fashion. The aim is to lead all women wearing AIVEI to appreciate the joy of international fashion during the passage of time.

Pay attention to the balance of physical wearability and fashion, refined from luxurious and luxurious fabrics. She is good at using unique styles to display unique designs: exquisite and smooth cut, romantic and gentle lines, styles that are simple and complex, implied Between the public and the public, the modern women's unique elegance, grace, and magnanimity are perfectly combined, creating a new concept of “elegant fashion”.

Fur, singing the melody of autumn and winter, put on "her", you are the protagonist of street fashion.

The long “H” shape has a better tolerance and more collocation. The staggered arrangement of animal motifs and pure white is more eye-catching. It can improve the fashion of the dress while keeping warm. Fur, full of gas field.

Nostalgic profile combined with the essence of the brand's romantic elegance, the traditional woolen coat, the integration of retro A word sheds, better modified women's graceful posture, the puff sleeves make the entire profile is very elegant and Smart.

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Nylon Spandex Mesh Embroidery Fabric

The Nylon Spandex Mesh Embroidery Fabric is mainly made for Spangle Embroidery Fabric.Which includes allover Sequins Embroidery Fabric and printed sequins embroidery fabric.

All of these products could be one tone or multicolor.Most of these designs are designed by ourselves and you will see that it't very popular and pretty.

Oval Sequin Embroidery Fabric

Sequins Printed Embroidery Fabric

White Embroidered Lace Fabric,Embroidered Decorator Fabric,Spangle Embroidery Lace Fabric,Nylon Spandex Mesh Embroidery Fabric


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