The haze of the financial crisis has not completely dissipated and the international market is still undergoing a difficult recovery. According to industry sources, since there are still many uncertainties in the market, European buyers are still not able to accurately grasp the market's future trend, and therefore are very cautious in purchasing. Small orders, small orders and broken orders have become the reality that textile and apparel export enterprises in Europe have to face.

Some exhibitors who participated in the Apparel Sourcing Paris show that in the case of a bad trade situation, they should go to Europe. On the one hand, companies can understand the changes in the European market and the reputation of their customers through participation. On the other hand, by exhibiting to allow European customers to understand the good living conditions of enterprises, it is beneficial to receive more orders. Because in the case of a bad trade situation, customers are also pursuing trade safety while pursuing low-cost procurement. Customers see the participating companies at the exhibition held at their own home to help their purchasing determination.

It is reported that the spring exhibition of Paris International Apparel Sourcing Fair jointly organized by China Textile Promotion Council, China Textile Industry Association, China Garment Association and Messe Frankfurt will take place in Paris, France from February 13th to 16th, 2012. Le Bourget Exhibition Center. When the Paris International Fashion Apparel Fair was held in Paris in September 2011, the participating Chinese companies stated that the show was effective and the audience was quite targeted. Its professionalism and purpose were very strong.

Industry insiders commented that the success of the Paris International Apparel and Apparel Sourcing Fair has enabled China's garment enterprises to further advance to the forefront of European fashion and build a high-level platform for China's outstanding textile and apparel companies to open up the European market.

According to some old exhibitors who have participated in the Paris International Apparel Sourcing Fair, due to the downturn in the European consumer market, buyers are cautious in purchasing. Reducing inventory risk is a strategy for many foreign companies to purchase. This shows that orders from foreign buyers are smaller than ever, but the number of orders is more frequent and the delivery time is shorter and more urgent. A number of buyers have adopted a 'diversification' approach, splitting large orders into multiple small orders, and accelerating the pace of placing orders to reduce inventory risks.

Some old exhibitors also raised their own unique insights into the fact that European orders have become smaller and smaller: Although consumer demand has fallen, buyers still need to purchase, but purchase behavior has changed. The change in buyer behavior is not as simple as buying less or asking for a lower price.

Industry insiders also believe that pure price factors can no longer be used as a magic weapon for Chinese suppliers to participate in international competition. European buyers' purchasing concerns gradually shifted from transactional relationships to supplier synergies, focusing on pure prices, improving suppliers and improving processes. In this regard, Chinese suppliers clearly have advantages.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Textile Trade Promotion Association, the organizer of the Paris International Apparel and Apparel Fair, the more the trade situation is bad, the more Chinese companies should increase their efforts to expand the market. Exhibiting in Paris and exhibiting the unique competitive advantages of Chinese companies not only can compete for more orders, but it can also find opportunities for more cooperation with the European industry to accumulate strength for the new round of competition. It is reported that the predecessor of the Paris International Apparel and Apparel Sourcing Fair is the China Textile and Apparel Trade Show (CTAF), which has moved to Paris since September 2007 and is held on the same site as Paris Texworld. After the appearance of the Paris International Apparel and Apparel Sourcing Fair, it will be able to provide European buyers with a “one-stop” procurement model from fabrics to clothing.

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