What can I do if I can't determine the amount of dye when artificially weighing? How to shorten the time for desizing, dyeing, quilting, and fixing, and increase production efficiency? These are problems that need to be solved urgently by printing and dyeing companies that use traditional techniques. A few days ago, Shishi Dyeing and Finishing Association proposed a scheme to promote the fine management of printing and dyeing production in response to these problems.

The use of automation in data collection “When dyes and auxiliaries are used as weighing materials, workers are always worried about errors.” Hongtai weaving technicians said that the dye recovery rate is about 40%, among which the recovery caused by inaccurate materials accounts for To 8%. In the link of dyes and auxiliaries, the traditional production processes are all manual operations, and the randomness is very high. This can easily lead to a low rate of one-time dyeing. Finished products always undergo multiple repairs, which seriously reduces the benefit.

"Printing and dyeing products often go through more than 10 processes from grey fabrics to finished products, and most SMEs' production equipment still stays in a stage where simple production equipment is used to control a certain production process or manually adjust the relevant production data. These methods cannot be accurately grasped. The various standards of the products may even cause mistakes.” Shishi Dyeing and Finishing Trade Association staff said that in these respects, dyeing and finishing companies have long lacked fine management.

The current proposal to promote the fine management of printing and dyeing production mainly recommends that companies use computer, communication, and intelligent control technologies to establish an online acquisition system to perform real-time data collection and abnormal early warning of the entire production process, equipment operation, and energy consumption.

Refinement yields a multiplier effect Reporters learned from the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission that at present, fine management systems and equipment independently developed by some printing and dyeing enterprises in our city have been applied to the production process.

At Wanfengsheng Dyeing & Finishing Co., “4 in 1' Dyeing” completes the four processes of desizing, dyeing, quilting, and fixing in the traditional printing and dyeing process at one time. The original process dyeing a cylinder cloth takes 12 hours. The new process can be completed in only 4 hours, saving more than 65% of water, electricity and steam, reducing the rate of repair to less than 1%, and increasing the dyeing success rate by more than 20%.

The automated weighing system developed by Hongtai Weaving Co., Ltd. is composed of formula computer control, electronic scales and bar code scanners to prevent human factors from falsifying dyes and to make the error range accurate to one hundred thousandth. The automatic memory function of the computer can prevent repeated weighing, and is associated with ERP management software, so that the weighing data directly enters the information management of the entire printing and dyeing process.

"If the dyes and auxiliary materials are used for computer operations, a small plant with a monthly output of about 3 million meters can directly reduce the dye cost by 75,000 yuan and reduce the loss by 120,000 yuan." Shishi dyeing and finishing trade association staff said that the scale of the company is more The greater the degree of refinement and refinement of management, the greater the efficiency gain.

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