Ben Wang reported on November 9th, have you ever experienced the flustered moments on the date you haven’t thought about wearing a date yet? When dealing with appointments, sisters are always cautious about it, and it’s a must-have experience before dating before the closet. Everyone has ever had. The Korean-style sweet dress design focuses on simple, natural, and stylish styles. Inadvertently reveals the intimacy between lovers, attracts attention through details of unique creativity and design, publicity is only inadvertently, but it is everywhere. , In a relaxed and personality fashion interpretation of the mood. Recommend several dating outfits so that you have charming charm and corona your him.

In front of super temperament designed round neck ladies shirt, outside with a solid color small cardigan is very appropriate, do not need too fancy, lower body with a floral skirt, dignified with a little sweet temperament Oh.

Water color matching collar cuffs long-sleeved T-shirt, elegant color is very wild, jacket with color wide-lined long-sleeved cardigan is very stylish and children, plus black denim shorts super tall, casual with a little sexy.

Large red-colored polka-dot cardigan, simple cut style, bright colors to enhance eye-catching, exquisite short lines, non-detailed texture, with a solid color round dress leisure dress, wearing a sweet and comfortable feeling, and then with a Large casual bags, comfortable flat shoes, very cute college style Oh.

The water-print long-sleeved cardigan is very dazzling, and the short-sleeved design allows the jacket to be cool and cool, and the water lines in the black dress are very eye-catching, and the unique style is unveiled.

This simple lapel simple roll sleeve shirt, with a pink short cropped cardigan is most suitable, super lovable, and then with a relaxed loose shorts temperament is more sweet.

Very cute flower embroidered lady shirt, fresh white outside with a dot printing short paragraph long-sleeved cardigan, more stylish and charming, short paragraph design is very significant, oh, with a bow decorated pure color ladies skirt, super beautiful.

Fashion casual long-sleeved dress looks like a two-piece design is super casual and lovely, with a striped long-sleeved cardigan outside, yellow stripes decorated with a sweet temperament, and then with a small yellow bag super lovable.

Sweet color bow long-sleeved T-shirt, super cute design, with a striped skirt, more vitality, with a matte outside a small cardigan, super sweet, appointments with a very good choice of oh.

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