"Because of professional, so excellent." Fiban Lingerie is owned by Hong Kong under the International Holdings Limited underwear brand . Its brand to the top ten marketing absolute advantage, quickly occupied the market.

The company's core leadership is the first batch of the world's production and sales of a combination of women's underwear experts, both product development, production management, quality control and marketing team, the industry is more complete and balanced management team to ensure the company's long-term development .


Faye Wong brand has always been to product innovation and rapid listing reputation in the industry, each designed to introduce more than 200 kinds of models, the highest priority. At present, the company has achieved fruitful results in the research and development of health functional underwear, etc. and has obtained the testing and certification of a number of national patents and authoritative departments, occupying the commanding height of the industry in the aspect of health care self-cultivation.

The company in dozens of product production links, the establishment of a sophisticated, sophisticated quality control system for the goal, to ensure that the fiber-yan products consistent high-quality.

The beginning of the brand will be located in the high-end fiber-yin, the company give full play to their own production technology and procurement costs of the leading edge, the production of top quality, mid-range price of ultra-cost products, which will help products to carry out rapid market penetration, but also conducive to Enhance regional product adaptability and competitiveness.


After years of hard work, FiberYan brand has become a leader in the industry, no matter the number of stores or the brand management system. It has formed a good brand accumulation in many core cities and provided a strong brand guarantee for subsequent store development .

After more than 10 years' development, Fayan brand has formed a set of fixed store operation modes such as site selection, shop opening, management, membership sale and promotion, and has been quoted and copied in nearly 1000 terminal stores across the country.

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