Off-road youth clothing 2012 spring and summer new conference nationwide tour orders have now officially launched, Guangzhou City, offside Garments Co., Ltd. sent an elite team to agents around the strong support to ensure order will be a complete success. Offside youth brand advocate "fashion, leisure, quality," the modern way of life, from the transfer of fashion to pass the culture, reflects the brand's progress and sublimation. Over the years, offside youthwear has been committed to creating quality products, each one hundred percent of clothing fabrics are safe and healthy, after cleaning, drying, high temperature disinfection dozens of procedures, the formation of high-quality children's clothing material, with safety, Health, environmental protection, wearing comfort and other notable features. On the basis of ensuring the intrinsic quality of the products, we strive to combine excellent apparel culture with brand culture and rely on the carrier of off-brand youthwear brand to promote and carry forward the Chinese clothing culture. To achieve the resonance between the brand and consumers, we hope that through offside youth wear brand clothing and offside youth out of every piece of clothing to convey a correct concept of life and lifestyle, and for the vast number of consumers accepted and favored.


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