Corner glass installation method and techniques <br> <br> front: preparation.

1. Glass corner protection: Select one of the matching groups and wipe them clean.

2. Electric hammer: Check if the work is normal and the size of the drill is suitable. It is recommended to use 8mm drill bit.

3. Cable: Use when the power cord of the hammer is not enough.

4. Mirror nails: It is better to prepare a few more, so as to avoid the defective products, or the customer has other needs, can be used as a gift.

5. Cork or bulge: It is recommended to use a cork, so you can install and adjust more space for yourself.

6. Screwdriver: One word or cross, depending on the screw of the mirror nail.

7. Utility knife: used to cut the size and length of the cork.

8. Hammer: used to smash the cork.

9. Pencil: The position used to trace the hole, preferably a thin, pointed and long pencil.

10. Gloves: Must be clean, preferably white, dark, not easy to find dirty things.

11. Wood board: 10cm*40cm or 10cm*50cm, according to the height of the ground when installed. 12. Glass glue: the key moment is used.

13. Pliers: Same as above.

Second: start the installation.

1. The glass corner must be placed flat on a safe, flat, soft place, preferably on a wooden board or piece of paper, facing up.

2. All tools are placed in a toolbox where they are taken wherever they go.

3. Determine the height to be installed and place the appropriate board under the corner.

4. Select one of the glass corners, taking the combination of AB as an example to determine whether it is A or B.

5. Use your feet against the board and place a suitable piece of glass corner on the board. At this time, be sure to push the outside of the glass corner 2mm out of the wall.

6. Draw a circle in the upper and lower holes with a pencil. The larger the circle, the better. Be accurate and the glass corners should not move. Don't draw a point so that the hammer can't find the center point as soon as it is drilled.

7. After painting, remove the glass corner and set it up and start punching with a hammer. First, gently tap to see if the position is correct. Pay attention to the hammer to be vertically inward, do not sway, do not slant, and apply even force.

8. The depth of the hole depends on the length of the screw, generally the length of the screw minus the thickness of the glass, which can only be deep and not shallow.

9. Put the cork or bulge, use a hammer and flat the wall, and note that the length of the cork is not greater than the depth of the hole. The firmness of the bulge is far less than that of the cork, and the point of the screw is fixed, while the point of the cork is found in the range of about 8 mm.

10. Put the wooden board and the proportioned glass corners back to their original positions, hold them with your feet, knees, elbows or hands and tighten the screws to 80%.

11. In the same way, the outer glass corner is also up to 80% tight.

12. Now align the two glass corners up and down, then tighten the four screws and close the mirror cap. This set of glass corners is installed.

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