Simple summer dress from the shorts, summer wear shorts that is human nature, whether girls or boys will have their own favorite fabric shorts, with the Amita women's shorts to see what fabric shorts are more suitable for you in the summer you are to continue your Sweet style or college style?

Summer is the tide of shorts, no shorts which can be considered summer? This classic black and white with style, ah block open shorts, will not be too short? This short is nothing, have not seen Qi Xiao shorts it? This white shorts with chiffon fabric coupled with black and white chiffon shirt is absolutely very good-looking.

短裤搭配 夏季穿什么面料短裤好 短裤配什么上衣

College style, college style is the most favorite style of the season's girls, because college style dress was young enough, this light-colored shorts with light-colored denim shorts with a relaxed and simple T-shirt fashion dress Summer is essential to reduce age.

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