Warmly celebrate MOING inexplicable women's store in Pudong Yaohan store grand opening! Elegant and comfortable shop environment gives the comfort of nature, simple and bright shop decoration inexplicable women's fashion art atmosphere. In the store in summer 2014 new products have been fully listed, high-grade environmentally friendly natural fabrics, mainly cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics, color to black, white, blue, gray, coffee and other neutral colors, interspersed part of the seasonal international fashion Color, gives a comfortable, comfortable refreshing summer.

"MOING inexplicable" --- through the unique styling perspective and aesthetic taste to provide consumers with confident, relaxed and pleasant dress feeling. Revealed from the nature of a sense of random subtlety. We are committed to opening 80 stores and shopping malls counters in 80 provincial capitals and prefecture-level cities in mainland China within 3 years and opening image stores in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Now the rapid development of enterprises grow, we invite friends all over the world to join hands with us to create success, opening up a new world of clothing! The company will always "MOING inexplicable" brand management, strategic development, large-scale operation, targeted management "train of thought," MOING inexplicable "brand bigger and stronger! Out of China, to the world!


"MOING inexplicable" based on the retail market, at the same time radiation throughout the country, is committed to its rapid popularity, nationalization, the new products and shopping leisure fashion concept broadcast in mainland China.

Brand concept: Fashion elements Brand value Full display Modern family full confidence, life liberalization, personalization. Fresh and rich feelings, considerate and Seiko production, coupled with the ever-changing fresh changes, the unique personality to play.

T/C Stretch Yarn-dyed Plaid Fabric

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