Laifu - Eddie child (LIFE IDEA) to this "chic and elegant," said a women's representative of the brand often appear accompanied by surprise, Shenzhen Fashion Fair 2014 will be the curtain call party Laifu - Eddie child (LIFE IDEA) exclusive contractor, "LIFE IDEA-Walking Elegance "Closing party will bloom gracefully during the fair. Even more generous at the party invited to the ten new silk road champion supermodel joining.

We sincerely invite you to attend:

Let us look forward to, LEFE -IDEA children (LIFE-IDEA) carries with the times the elegance of the brand and the Shenzhen service fair, leaving a sparkling end filled with intellectual grace!


- To get seats, call details -

Mr. Zhu: Miss Zou: Miss Wang:

- pass intellectual, interpret elegance -

LIFE-IDEA will be the magic of your beautiful life

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