Quartz is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. It mainly refers to a wide range of trigonal low-temperature quartz (α-quartz). When the temperature is 573 ° C or more, it becomes a hexagonal high-temperature quartz (β-quartz). Low-temperature quartz crystals often have a hexagonal column with a pointed top. There are horizontal stripes on the cylinder surface, which are different from left-shaped crystals and right-shaped crystals. Double crystals are common, the most common being dow and twins. Usually in the form of a crystal or granular, massive aggregate.


Top ten brands of quartz stone:

First: Han Stone

Second : Haishu

Third : Omega (OMIK)

Fourth : Sannoston

Fifth : PKL (Korean brand)

Sixth : Bao Guanglong (Guangzhou, China)

Seventh : special dishes (original unknown)

Eighth : Kang Park (Hong Kong brand, origin Beijing, China)

Ninth : BITTO (Italian brand, originating in Shenzhen, China)

Tenth : Beverly (Guangzhou, China)

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