For the cleaning of jade, it is best to use special jade cleaning liquid. These cleaning liquids can protect jade, reduce corrosion and clean the surface stains. If you can't buy jade cleaning liquid, you can use it. The pure water is simply cleaned, and after washing with water, wipe the surface of the jade with a dry, soft, absorbent cloth, or place the jade in a cool place and dry it naturally.

Clean the fine inner or inner side of the jade jewelry. Gently tap it with a toothbrush. If it is too hard to clean, the diamond around the diamond may be washed away, so be careful when cleaning. Emerald is easy to be cornered, and the loose stone is porous, it will absorb dirt and water and discolor, so both of them are only clean and dry.

For the finish on jade jewelry, it can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

In recent years, many jewellery stores have ultrasonic cleaners to clean the jewellery of customers. This method is a strong alkaline cleaner, which is cleaned by the vibration of ultrasonic waves. In addition to the precious stones of pearls and other organic substances, there is no need to worry about the danger of the drugs on the stones. However, the vibration of the ultrasonic wave may cause small cracks that have not been noticed to become large. Therefore, emeralds, opals, etc., which are easily split into two halves in a certain direction, it is preferable to avoid the use of the cleaning method to remove the scale.


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