In all the conventions, women are always elegant and charming, WISDOMB Zhen Zhi beauty fashion women's Monopoly 2010 spring and summer new release theme of "blooming 360 degrees." Through the golden years, in the precipitations of lead into a colorful fashion, such as lily with a faint fragrance, waiting for that a southern rain, so, in the waves, with clothing to show a Indifferent to the distant and original life of the Qingli, for the first time that life is so specific. WISDOMB Zhen Zhi US fashion women's monopoly fashion trend of the Korean pants, the pursuit of fashion, cool, elegant, casual, 2008 spring and summer new design inspired by the Korean youth generation free-spirited, elegant and confident lifestyle, with elegant texture With fashion Slim cut and detail decoration, let people regain the freedom of life, fashion exquisite life. Spring and summer new features are: free-spirited yet elegant and confident. Color, the succession of the previous season based on the warm colors, the color is more jumping rich; new to the basic colors of fresh colors, fresh and bright white, gentle dark yellow, confident strong cold gray, elegant Qingyuan light Blue, green drops of green, warm and imaginative red, or a single color or mix and match several colors, colorful pieces and pieces. Fabric texture to a soft cotton-based, supplemented by satin, printing, embroidery Crochet, Ma material use, while wearing a comfortable fashion show full of fashion. In the design style, WISDOMB Zhenzhi beauty fashion ladies Monopoly 2011 new or elegant or cool, or delicate or simple, but no matter what style, can perfectly demonstrate your unique temperament, even in the hot summer heat, but also Can make you refreshed, energetic. In WISDOMB Zhen Zhi US fashion women's Monopoly spring and summer new masterpiece, the relaxed and free life is rethought design, turned into a natural and unrestrained style of elegance, in the continuation of the previous season's fashion exquisite, but also devoted the juice of life The original flavor, in the moment of sensual and rational release at the same time, countless romantic fantasy filled the entire spring and summer, always let you get some unexpected surprises and the most splendid memories in ordinary life, and those beautiful life beyond imagination. 2011 spring and summer WISDOMB Zhen Zhi US fashion women's monopoly, immersed in the natural atmosphere, fashion factor will penetrate every corner of life, everywhere. Unobtrusive color stripes appear in solid color underwear, pay attention to detail but without any fanfare of decorative objects, the rate and gentle. Colorful patchwork prints printed in small tops, skirts, a new spring and summer of this year is another beautiful landscape. And WISDOMB Zhenzhi beauty fashion women's monopoly to become most of the beauty of women most likely to have a brand name, not only because of its fashion, quality, taste, but also because of her "approachable" price, hundred attractive, beautiful, a Spring and summer for you only in WISDOMB Zhen Zhi Mei fashion women's monopoly.

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