Xiaobian feel now is around the collocation point of view, but every day thinking about with, but do not know how to match, this is a very tangled issue, in fact, every day with the same style to match will feel boring, blue portrait Womens to tell you a different visual mix, check with coat, long coat with what clothes look good?


Blue portrait ladies long section of the check coat color look more stable, big collar, double-breasted design, take a white shirt + black half-length dress, dress even longer than the coat, so the effect Very good, and long coat for tall girls wear Oh, do not think their height can not find clothes, on the contrary, high instead is a good thing.

格纹呢子外套搭配  格纹呢大衣怎么搭配

V collar coat style, this V-neck coat or plaid elements, take a small collar chiffon dress, yellow and dark Check pattern, these two colors are more suitable for mature girl to wear, 170 and height How, we can not wear Trousers we wear pants, pants with long section Coat effect is great, was remarkable.


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