By Cai Ting brand was founded in the spring of 2005, is a vibrant, full of vitality brand, according to Ting Ting symbol of youth, with fashion, vitality and lack of charming, for women is not only comfortable, relaxed and free , Is more confident expression.

Companies with leading brand in the industry mode of operation, professional brand operations team, with excellent product quality, stylish style, sophisticated workmanship, superior comfort fabrics, won the favor of women of all walks of life. Popular consumer positioning, providing superior products and value of the market services, the pursuit of continuous self-management, to win the love of consumers and the industry's high degree of recognition.

Our goal: to create the most powerful underwear terminal chain sales system, a new model for the domestic underwear sales leader. In the new century, according to Cai-ting people will continue to uphold the old people according to Ting-ting's fine style, Chengqianqiehou, the past and future, according to Ting-ting brand made column height stronger.


Shop support:

Joined according to mining Ting underwear to open a mini shop (15 square - 19 square), investment 38,000 to obtain headquarters support 110,000;

According to the opening of the basic Ting Ting (20 square - 29 square), 48,000 investment that is supported by headquarters;

In accordance with Cai Ting standard shop (30 square feet or more), 68,000 investment headquarters to receive 210,000;

According to Cai Ting flagship store (50 square or more), 128,000 investment that is the headquarters to support 380,000.


Waffle Sports Towel

ERADICATES LIQUID & ODOUR - This multipurpose towel does the simple things damn well; it's sensationally

absorbent & fast drying and the microfibres have anti-bacterial properties - say hello to eradicating water,

perspiration & odour effortlessly.


TRAVEL LIGHT - At only 80x50 cm in fully opened size and 155 grams in weight, this towel is the perfect size

for the the gym. Large enough to do what you need it to do, small enough not to be cumbersome.


MULTIPURPOSE - This towel can be used for many different things, you could call it... a gym towel, a travel

towel, a Sports Towel, a sweat towel, a yoga towel, a pilates towel, a bikram towel... truly versatile!

Waffle Sports Towel

Waffle Sports Towel,Waffle Weaved Sports Towel,Sports Waffle Towel

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