How about the lapis lazuli bracelet? Lapis lazuli is a rare gems, and the blue lapis lazuli artifacts are often very precious. Lapis lazuli is a blue variant of sodalite. The lapis lazuli color is the body color of the Tibetan medicinal medicinal Buddha. It is often worn to protect the health and well-being.

How to choose a quality lapis lazuli bracelet?

First: According to the color to identify, lapis lazuli is generally blue, its color is determined by the content of lapis lazuli mineral content, good lapis lazuli color dark blue pure, no cracks, fine texture, no calcite impurities, can Made into jewelry and so on. If white stone lines or white spots are intertwined, the concentration, purity and uniformity of the color will be lowered, and the quality of the jewelry will decrease.

Second: According to the texture to distinguish, the texture of lapis lazuli should be dense, delicate, no cracks, and the distribution of pyrite is even like the sparkling starlight. The local distribution of pyrite will affect the texture of the lapis lazuli jade, and the more obvious the crack, the lower the quality grade.

Third: According to the volume to distinguish, that is, the size of the lapis lazuli volume. Under the same quality conditions, the larger the volume of the lapis lazuli, the higher its value. The lapis lazuli process requires dark blue, no cracks, no impurities, and fine texture.

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