Hetian blue and white jade is a very distinctive variety of Hetian jade. Due to the fiery heat of Hetian jade collection and the rising price of Hetian jade in recent years, the price of Hetian blue and white jade has also been heated up. It has been sought after by many people and has also produced many counterfeits. The involvement of the merchants, using the low-quality jade species to pretend to be Hetian blue and white jade seed material, then how should Hetian Qinghua jade be identified?

The biggest feature of Hetian Blue and White Jade is his color, which is mainly ink. In the industry, the ink color coverage of the seed material is generally 90%, which is called blue and white seed material. The difference between this black and white or gray and white seed material and the ink jade is that the ratio of ink color to white color is different, and the color of the blue and white jade is different. Less, the ink color of the ink jade is more. The problem of the ratio is still subtle in the eyes, so it must be carefully identified.

Usually, the leafy mountain material used in the market and the Qinghai mountain material used to pretend to be the blue and white jade is known as the blue and white mountain material. The ink colors of the two are different, and it is relatively easy to identify them. The difference between Hetian blue and white seed material and Yechengshan material is mainly ink color. Ye Chengshan material contains a lot of fine particles of “silver sand”. This is obvious, but some Hetian blue and white seed materials also have such particles, but it is still relatively rare, so this Points can be used as one of the authentication methods.

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