The agarwood bracelet can be said to be the highest price in the collection world and the most valuable collection and appreciation potential, so we have to understand the maintenance of the sinking incense bracelet.

In fact, the texture and nature of agarwood are very different from other precious hardwoods, so it is completely different in terms of maintenance. Agarwood has little effect on agarwood because its wood is extremely soft and rich in oil.

The main thing that Aquilaria is afraid of is detergents and chemicals such as alcohol, which can dissolve oils and fats. In addition, high-temperature substances such as hot water will also consume their oil to some extent.

For the maintenance of the agarwood bracelet, the most important thing is to protect the grease from damage. If you don't wear it at ordinary times, you can put it in a sealed bag or a sealed can, so that it can also play a role in maintenance to a certain extent.

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