How to run your own beauty is a woman's life career, Italy and Australia is full of a strong European style of women 's clothing brand , adhering to the "free from the heart" design philosophy, each a delicate ladies let women express their heart The real beauty, from the inside out of confidence, so that women are more attractive. The continuous development of Italy and Australia has always failed to let us down, this Chongqing Kaiping County 110 Italy and Italy women's store grand opening on the 14th of this month, then into the store polite, opening surprises continue!

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热烈祝贺 意澳女装重庆开县专卖店即将开业!

热烈祝贺 意澳女装重庆开县专卖店即将开业!

Renovation effect map can be seen, the Italian women's clothing store is still a simple atmosphere of the decoration style, the door of the glass window design will be very good to showcase this year's new products, so you first to enjoy this year's fashion trends. The design inside the shop is also very unique, some simple and unique furnishings is a different kind of characteristics, the picture placed on the wall there is embedded in the cabinet, no one does not show the decoration of exquisite, bright lights, So that every piece of clothing is even more glittering, this clothes shop will be a mecca for the city.

August 15, opened in Kaixian, Chongqing, Italy, waiting for your presence!

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