In the women's market, the brand gathered. However, there are not many brands that can really be resellers or consumers. So, what are the more popular brands in the women's market? Xiao Bian now recommend for you: Only Ji Chen .


Wei Ji Chen women's wear is the Italian women's brand , Italy Wei Ji (Hong Kong) International Limited has been committed to the reform of mature women, led the young and wise team with some well-known European fashion company for the development of the exchange and production cooperation. With the market strength and enhance the influence, in 2009 on the basis of the original international trade cooperation formally established a domestic brand business development center (Dongguan City, Liang Ying Clothing Co., Ltd.), the same year the Italian brand VIRGIE CHAN to China's fashion brand women Road to operation.

品牌女装有哪些 唯姬晨2015火热招商中

Only Kyushu women's clothing combines the romantic European dress, South Korea's fine clothing, as well as the integration of the domestic female elegance for the current female consumers to provide an elegant new urban lady image. Wei Ji Chen women pay attention to high-quality hand-made details, combined with vertical parallel cut, so that more elegant shape, comfortable, full of curves, reflecting the clothing rather than wearing clothing, introverted, beautiful unique feeling. Dedicated to its own audience, to provide a different life circle.

品牌女装有哪些 唯姬晨2015火热招商中

In Wei Ji Chen entered the domestic market, after tireless efforts in the market has occupied a certain market share. Of course, in order to better development, still need to be for the national dealers to join. If you are interested in the dealer, you can now leave a message for the brand or call. Brand companies will have professionals for you to answer the specific issues related to joining.

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