Underwear as a necessity for women, and our market is often through people's needs for a certain area of ​​development, so it is not difficult to see a lot of underwear shop on the street. As a leader in underwear industry, urban women underwear brand underwear a new franchise - Guangzhou Tianhe Shipaiqiao new sail! The performance of the opening day burst red, I wish my performance booming, extra cash!


Crowds of people, the entire store is full, so that the store's Purchasing Guide busy. There are various types of underwear, ladies bras and panties, as well as comfortable and soft pajamas, and of course men's essentials! Each piece of the style are very innovative fashion, so that customers are put it down.

恭喜都市女人心广州天河石牌桥店崭新起航 业绩爆红

恭喜都市女人心广州天河石牌桥店崭新起航 业绩爆红

Performance broken every day, the girls are happy! Urban women heart underwear, dedicated to every woman considered, only to make them more comfortable to wear more confident and build, become the most intimate girlfriends of women, so that every woman in love with underwear. In the future, we will continue our efforts to continue our efforts and come on! ! !

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