At the 2012 annual meeting of the China Industrial Textiles Association Interlining Materials Branch recently held, the experts of the domestic textile industry combined with the current domestic and international economic situation to realize industrial value in terms of how enterprises further accelerate industrial upgrading, technological innovation, management innovation and brand building. Promotion, in-depth discussion.

New industry standards:

Establishing a complete inspection system or rules Nowadays, the standard system of interlining has begun to take shape, and the promulgation and implementation of standards has played an active role in regulating production, improving product quality, and strengthening trade exchanges. Zhang Baoqing, senior engineer of the Shanghai Textile Industry Technical Supervision Office, stated: “In the future, one of our priorities is to strengthen the promotion of standards. Together with the sub-branches, we will help companies understand standards, master standards, and better implement standards. The implementation of the standards has prompted standards to be implemented throughout the industry."

According to the "apparel lining cloth inspection plan" interpretation of the standard, companies in the actual production should be implemented from the following aspects. The first is to formulate enterprise standards and management rules in accordance with the principles of national standards. The second is the standardization of corporate inspections. The inspection in modern enterprise management is a systematic project, which includes the entire process of the company's operation, the inspection of each link, the post-event inspection as a process control, and the establishment of a complete set of inspection systems or rules.

Zhao Lujiang of Weibosite Interlining (Nantong) Co., Ltd. stated that the company should establish a set of standardized and complete quality control systems that are in line with the actual production of the company, guarantee that the quality of the manufactured products meets the national standards, and at the same time when problems occur, In the management system, it is to find out which batches, which shifts are produced and examined, and which part has problems and avoid a vicious cycle.

New enterprise technology:

Outstanding new material innovation GMP

The traditional role of the lining cloth in the past was to increase the strength of the fabric, maintain the styling, and help with dry cleaning. Nowadays, the trend of interlining cloth is to be more innovative in design, more stylish in fashion, more subtle in craftsmanship, and more in harmony with clothing. According to Gui Dongqing, Asia product manager of Lanibigari (Wujiang) Textile Co., Ltd., the products needed in the new era are environmentally friendly products (green materials, sustainable development materials) and functional products. In his report on the "Application of New Interlining Materials Technology" at the conference, he stated that one of the outstanding technological innovations in recent years is GMP, that is, full molecular dot coating. Traditional dot-coated interliners without GMP will suffer from reverse osmosis when the sandwich is hot, and GMP-coated linings will not suffer from reverse osmosis. GMP (Polymer Coating) features a wide range of pressing operations and flexible conditions (116 degrees to 143 degrees); the second is to increase and ensure the peel strength; and third, the family can still maintain good after washing and dry cleaning. Performance; Fourth, the problem of reverse osmosis has been significantly reduced. Another new type of technology, double-sided coating fusible interlining, is characterized by double-sided bonding; second, a variety of mesh numbers; third, the melting point of each side can be different; and fourth, it can be used for fabrics and leathers. The fit.

New downstream requirements:

The environmental protection of raw materials is related to the qualification rate of garments. The new growth point of garments will lead to new growth points for interlining, and the fast fashion and individualization of garments will require interlining.

Speaking of some garments that did not meet the requirements of environmental protection and quality, our reporter Zhu Xizi pointed out that according to a sample survey of 60 garment companies, the unqualified garments were largely unqualified raw materials, and garment testing would detect pH, formaldehyde, etc. Indicators, which are related to the interlining industry. Interlinings and other accessories, although small, once the quality is not qualified, is implicated in the entire batch of clothing and even the entire clothing brand. In the future, more companies will put forward environmental requirements for interlining. The environmental protection of garments is inseparable from the environmental protection of raw materials. Therefore, in addition to practicality, interlinings must also be healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.

In addition, in addition to meeting the environmental and quality requirements, fashion, and technology requirements of apparel for interlining, low-temperature linings, enzyme-washing, micro-dot linings with lower melting points, and ultra-micro free aldehydes and ultramicronization rates have also been developed.

Also worthy of the lining industry is online shopping. According to Lao Jingjuan, manager of the Merchants Department of Zhejiang China Textile City Network Co., Ltd., the network platform enables the interlining companies to consult and communicate on the technical and market conditions and to truly realize the exchange of information between the industry associations.

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