Dusk every day, after a busy day, when you open your home, you will immediately relax, because what, because back home, is the taste of home. Home is a place full of warmth, love and joy, so the taste of home is thick affection, thick love. The taste of home is not by smell, but by the mind to touch. Caribe Beibei parent-child equipment can touch your heart, so you can feel the taste of the home outside, because Calabay has always been to love the culture as the main line, committed to building China's most professional brand of parent-child packaging, so that you put happiness in The body is the goal of Calabbey. Each one of the Calabay clothes have romantic, classic, stylish elements; and accompanied by a strong sense of family, so wearing the parent-child clothing Calabay will make you always remember the sweet home, thus forgetting many tired , Make your day because Calabay, because of love and become more exciting. A few years later, the dim light illuminates a wall of memories. There is a family on the wall wearing a family portrait of a Calabbee parent-child with a happy smile on the camera. The happy taste often remembers reveling.

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