August 8, Father's Day, this festival belongs only to China's dads Oh, because China has 88 homophonic dad, and "88" word together like a "Father" word. More than a festival, men are not earned it? Erdos men believe that all the dads under the sun have their own fashion taste, then how to identify their own style? Then together with the Ordos men to explore it. STEP1: choose a pair of shoes for your long life, every step of your foot out, every step of your walk in writing their own history. Dads, in order to take every step, will accompany the children take every step, so, you need a good pair of shoes! Erdos men's summer cool breathable models shoes, both comfort and texture, it is worth a pair of Oh! STEP2: Buying a paragraph of your favorite long-haired woman cutting happily and happily when you buy a bag, a man can buy a festive holiday! Father's Day, may also be wayward one! Dad always have family responsibilities, occupational stress, survival pressure, a good package, you can put all the pressure are collected. STEP3: to enrich their own closet trendy wardrobe is always full, always less a hanger, less a dress. HOLD to live a variety of fabrics with a variety of styles of talent is a fashion winner, may wish to do more to try on the dress, in the way of life also do more to try. 2015 · 8 · 8 China Daddy Festival, Erdos Men wish all fathers happy holidays! Also welcome dad came to buy exclusive to your fashion products.

Printing Silk Eyemask

Printing Silk Eyemask has one advantage for its custom design.You can send us your ideal product's details and we'll put forward with it.

Shading - perfect shading, let you have a happy night. Special dark ordinary inner silk eye mask. Print eye mask can completely eliminate the light, even use light color eye mask. The adjustable strap allows you to tighten the silk eye mask when you need the eye mask, further eliminating the light and providing you with a comfortable sleeping environment.


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