We still remember the voice of the light blue shirt, dark green line scarf gentle gentleman it? A Chinese style repertoire by Jiang Yuandong, "Small House last night and Dongfeng" embarked on an ink painting ...... Deeply attracted Jay Chou, who also loves Chinese style.

万泽丰 - WONDERFUL beauty

Xiao Bian today to demonstrate for everyone, how to put this introverted and elegant dark green clothing out of their own temperament Fan, we may wish to look at the Wonderful 2015 autumn and winter Womens Clothing is how to match.

学江源东穿墨绿色 穿出属于自己的气质范

Some people describe dark green as a deep well, with double talking eyes in the well, and a touch of slim, dark green color, as if showing such a clumsy, warm-hearted and shy character as the girl ...

An embossed sense of design dark green leisure hedging sweater with a white shirt led to the eyes, giving a fresh and fresh feeling. The lower body is matched with an animal fur short skirts, seemingly lazy and casual dress, but cleverly interpreted by the dark green, white, earth color of the three most harmonious colors of nature to show to everyone charm. Fresh and free personality without losing the fashion of young women may wish to wear such a temperament Fan easily show.

学江源东穿墨绿色 穿出属于自己的气质范

Dark green is also like a cunning fairy queen, calm and full of wisdom, leisurely, vivid about the story belongs to it ... ...

The same is the main dark green turtleneck sweater, exquisite woven under the needle hidden a gentle and delicate girl heart. Waist and then wear a black belt to do the modification, just to show the girl exquisite posture. Both the sweater chain embellishment or dazzling realistic antlers headdress, are adding a calming girl aesthetic feeling. Like the aesthetic style but calm personality girl can try.

Omani Style Robe For Men

Item: Men's Omani robe, Embroider

Fabric: TR,Cotton,Polyester fabric, goods selling.

Size: 54-62 accoring customized

For Kids: 30-52


Packing: regular packing is 1pc/poly bag, 1doz/box, 6doz/carton

Moq: 500doz for 1 design.

order time: after depoist, 50-70days

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