Packing straps (bundling tapes) are mainly made of polyethylene and polypropylene resins. Nylon and polyester are also used as raw materials. They are produced by uniaxial extrusion. The elasticity of the plastic packing belt is good, the strength is high, the water resistance is good, the chemical resistance is strong, light and soft, and it can be packaged by hand or machine. Easy to use, low cost, can be made of red, white, blue, yellow, green and other colors, according to color package different grades of goods, easy to distinguish the level of goods, improve delivery efficiency. In addition to packing and packing for corrugated boxes, materials and fruits can also be packaged. The tensile strength of polyester and nylon straps is good, while the cost of polyethylene and polypropylene straps is low, and the resilience of polypropylene is good. Different materials can be used as packing straps.

1, from the production of PP material can be divided into core packing and solid packing belt;

2, from the product quality points can be divided into transparent A-level, transparent B-level, A-level, AB-level, B-level, BC-level and C-level, etc.;

3, from the use of the machine can be divided into manual packing, machine packing belt (also divided into automatic packing and semi-automatic packing belt);

4, from the use of the scope can be divided into packaging with packaging (packing tape) and crafts packing belt;

5, there are other printing and non-printing packing belts and so on.

PET packing belt: Alias ​​plastic packing belt, referred to as plastic steel belt. It is a product that gradually replaces the metal strap. The main component of PET is polyester resin. According to the color can be divided into black plastic steel belt and green plastic steel belt, according to the production process can also be divided into embossed plastic steel belt and smooth plastic steel belt.

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