Many people do not know what is the wide leg pants, in fact, wide leg pants that is, have a wide trousers. Loose profile, mostly light indeed good or yarn texture, are generally very high waist, so you look more concise atmosphere. It is the savior of the problem body, can help MM who modified imperfect leg type, escaping from the corset Skirt, wide leg pants are therefore favored. But to control the wide-leg pants is not an easy dress, then how to match the wide leg pants? Below with Xiaobian take a look!


If you are willing to try wide-leg pants, then hit the color can make you jump out of the crowd. Light scarf wide leg warm and quiet, with a white printed shirt, a stylish collision of elegance. With a pair of high heels shirt, stretching the leg type, let you become a fashionable ladies walking on the streets.


Rock blue round collar shirt, loose version, with a long short skirt before and after the design, with yellow on the wide-leg pants, lazy with intellectual. Plus belt and high heels embellishment, and with a calm atmosphere Oh!

Credit: Jia Cai women's wear

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