Recently, the famous children's clothing brand Parkland emperor around the "fish" image to create a unique style of children's fashion show release, to lead people to find children's innocence, played the child's growing imprint time series. The entire release shows the three special children's clothing brand Parkerland under the brand: baby children's brand "Bei Mei", sports and leisure children's clothing brand "Kappa Kids" and classic children's clothing brand "Park Crane Emperor" and other 40 kinds of latest autumn and winter New products. Relying on the latest fashion trends in children, the international and personalized children's wear series, "Winter warm warm fireplace team", "sweet heart" and "Frankfurt Frauenberger Holiday", are aimed at Chinese boys and girls of different ages Customized, or generous, or playful movement, depicting the children from time to time and sometimes cool self-expression, bringing the audience a new fashion visual experience.

Wool Blend Fabric refers to wool fibers that have been blended will both natural or man-made fibers in order to produce a material that possesses qualities of each fiber. Generally, wool can be blended with Alpaca, cashmere, silk, nylon, rabbit hair and linen etc.

XINGTENG offers a variety of blends so that you may choose the material best suited for your end result.

Wool Blend Fabric

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