Good news bird main series --- classic, business two series in the spring and summer of 2013 to strengthen the formal design and development of products. The classic series inspired by the film "Artist" uses cool fabrics made by the latest international high-end technology to make the wearer feel cool and comfortable. The selection of bright and clean colors on the Department of the new blue and white, the pursuit of high-quality products, high quality, high quality, enhance the cultural content, 尽显 luxury texture; to wool, silk-based business series to create subtle quality , The 360 ​​° series of suits made by functional fabrics designed for business travelers are presented in a full dress style and are antibacterial, waterproof, wrinkle-free and breathable. With the theme of "Global Travel" as the extraordinary series and outdoor series, integrating the local culture and humanity into the product design concept, the company has developed high-end sports and leisure men's clothing that is both practical, fashionable and cultural. The new series "Explore the Jungle's Secret" , Bright and changing visual effects, fashion design style, fabric soft and comfortable touch. At the same time in the collar of the shirt, increasing the length of the long collar collar design, emphasizing fashion sense of refinement. From "breathing", "release" to "power display", the lingerie series are classic and personal, which shows the modern men's comfort and highlight the men's sexy charm. The women's series adds "energy of nature" with "subjective initiative" Line, elegant intellectual neutral color, simple and elegant design, interpretation of the strong personality of modern women and unique charm.

Rattan Basket

Rattan Basket,Round Woven Rattan Basket,Handmade Rattan Basket,Round Handmade Rattan Basket


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