Love the romantic Paris theme station show you to enjoy a different visual feast, let you completely a wayward! France ADD designer visit the scene to interpret the international fashion trends in 2015, and on-site and love signed, making love brand with international standards, to create a love of international fan, which is coming 2015, love brand willful in the end!


Why love underwear so selfish domineering, the following describes the characteristics of love to wear underwear:

1: people-oriented, scientific cup classification

Loving underwear cup design according to the needs of customers at this stage, divided into A, B, C, D, E, F six cup level, in practice proved that such cups analysis can meet the actual needs of more than 99% of customers

2: enhance the comfort of modified plastic wear

Loving underwear to change the shackles and shackles of the traditional traditional underwear adjustment, the entire product has a good fat storage and fixed capacity, so that customers in the run-of-the-touch subtle subtle physical and mental conditioning correction.

爱戴内衣 就是那么任性!

3: fashion personality distinct

Love to keep up with the world trend of underwear clothing trends for the past, pure modified underwear into a new fashion element, never blind and irresponsible kitsch design. Pursuit of simplicity, atmosphere, fashion, exquisite results.

4: personal measurement, guidance try on

Careful thoughtful consultant underwear sales service, truly reflect the people-oriented business philosophy, and fully meet the real needs of different individuals In this constantly changing world of development, the modern women's body characteristics are constantly evolving, the real fashion modified underwear The most important feature is that we recognize the objective existence of this change and adapt to this development and change.

爱戴内衣 就是那么任性!

Wish to love to wear underwear to the international march, the romantic co-existence of fashion Paris fashion show subversion of the traditional model, an unprecedented visual feast let you praise!

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