July 5, 2013 afternoon, we came to Shiyan makeup shop customers, the customer a total of a dozen stores, Shenzhen Shiyan makeup Kang Lui Ni store is now one of the better sales performance of the store before the sales were Not ideal, frequent staff turnover, management and professional skills are not in place, but in just a few months make the shop's sales all the way to popularity, shop staff professional skills, psychological quality is great Upgrade; how did they do it?


Our cameras are already in place, and then let the client's big manager share her management experience with us! (Video clip, please go to Kang Lueni official website to watch, thank you!)

Q: It has been a few months since we last met at our order meeting. In such a short time, you have been promoted from a Purchasing Guide to the present big manager. We would like to congratulate you on such a big upgrade. How did you do it?

A: The beginning came here I was arranged at the Kang Luini shop as shopping guide, I was initially very worried about such a business situation, I do not know whether they can make sales increase, and before the underwear industry is only a basic Of course, I first of all do not want to retreat, because I am familiar with the product faster, then there is constantly enrich their understanding of the industry underwear, and more to participate in sales of professional skills training, which made me do a good job More confidence in the job, thanks Kang Lanyi gave me so much knowledge, I will continue to break the current sales performance.

Q: You now manage more than a dozen stores, each store staff and performance are relatively stable, can you share with us about your management experience?

A: We have more than a dozen shops underwear, women's clothing, children's clothing, are basically store model, then I think the most basic management store should be from the "human yard" these three areas to do a good job. "People" - In the shop is not busy time, I will require the Purchasing Guide constantly communicate with each other to absorb the sales experience, each other's deficiencies, improved methods, attitude adjustment, learn more about competitive brand information, learn from the successful experience , Participate in more sales training in the industry and continuously improve their own professional knowledge. "Goods" - Of course, the buyer must first have enough confidence in their own brand products, sufficient understanding of the selling point of the product, the quality of the product, the product suitable for the crowd, etc. are very familiar with the requirements, the display of the other products Show, do regular exchange of experiences, study competition brand good display program, to participate in professional product display training. "Market" - in the early stage of the store to determine the location must be selected, the right choice, the positioning of the surrounding market, we must be consistent with the brand positioning of the market, the needs of consumer groups, purchasing power should also consider, I believe these three do Well, do a bit, it will certainly improve the performance may be.

Q: Do you think that we Kang Lanyi compared with other underwear brands , Kang Lu Ni what are the need to upgrade, what are the advantages?

A: Of course, Kang Lui Ni set up only a few years time, and other brands set up more time, and then I contact with Kang Lu Ni more, I think all aspects of doing quite place, especially the management of goods In terms of business cooperation, management training, I am very satisfied!

Q: Then you have no plans to expand the next few more Kang Lui Ni shop?

A: Yes, I am discussing with the company plans to open several more Kang Lui Ni branch recently, I hope further cooperation.
After watching the movie I do not know what new experience you can share with us? Of course, we still have a lot of deficiencies and we are looking forward to giving you more opinions and sharing!

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