Highly saturated color patches appear more and more frequently in autumn and winter fashion trends. Following last year’s trend of candy-colored coats, designers are promoting neon color fashion in this season. NEWFOUND launches vibrant, brightly coloured clothing that brings warmth and warmth into the winter.

The basic wild dresses, with the exquisitely burnt material of transparent material, make modern women mix the mature charm of the small woman in sexy.

The flowers are natural and unique in style. They are transparent, non-transparent, colorful, and glittering. The transparent pattern brings out the color of the inner layer, full of three-dimensional, elegant and chic. Two-piece design, young fashion, inner wear can be worn alone, cost-effective.

The simple and modern dividing line highlights the beauty of the women's waistlines. The concept of transparency and realism has been used to enhance the simple atmosphere of women and their elegance.

The splicing of the same material fabric, the modern tailoring design and functional three-dimensional collar design, with a detachable fur collar, atmospheric stylish cost-effective coexistence of a single product.

The short and long front A pendulum design is young and stylish, with a warm, stretchy-thick knit interior skirt that matches the black turtleneck sweater, making the winter elegant and warm.

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