COMBOMEN2015 early autumn series to light forerunner as the goal, all-round display of Compro men's unique brand of DNA - light heart, light body, light food, light living concept of light life. Business and leisure organic integration, pay more attention to version and wearer comfort. Delicate cut, smooth lines, it represents the pursuit of simple and comfortable life. Colorful style, casual but elegant. Business suits design a more low-key tone of the color is steady, but very unique, every detail shows an extraordinary taste. This season's early autumn series of new products embodies the CompAmbrian men's tireless exploration of ways to enhance lifestyles, dedicated to presenting comfortable, stylish, functional and affordable clothing. On the city, gray sky, Wan lights seem blurred and shy. How many people lost their way in this light, and how many people always look firm, did not forget the beginning. On fashion, definitely not every year for two seasons of clothes so superficial, behind the hard work and life experience to the fashion given a special aesthetic taste. In fact, to make a seemingly simple white shirt is not so simple. About autumn, mottled prairie, a road leading to the distance, can hear the whistling wind, there are those who are not sure what they want young people. Every element of nature to do a simple arrangement, will have a subtle touch. About the new product, from COMBOMEN2015's Early Autumn Series, wearers are able to move freely while maintaining their elegance in a trendy and changing fashion with a comfortable yet stylish look. Compro Men, make your dress eye-catching fashion, lasting new.

Zippered Balloon Skirt

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